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  1. Make it easier to challenge pe […] vstiff Manually joining games is sometimes tricky, several times I joined wro […]
  2. What is chess?? Nice_To_Mate_You chess helps me get thru life it helps me with my anxiety.
  3. take-backs in rated play coledavis Thanks, Thibault, that looks great.
  4. Make it easier to challenge pe […] cptmajormajor Personally, I play chess at lower level knowing that there are more pl […]
  5. What is chess?? Cocmaster Chess is love, chess is life.
  6. Following Bug thibault Actually it is a bug. To be fixed by tomorrow.
  7. "Examine" mode (would be nice to have -) Clarkey There's no computer engine analysis - at least not currently. The purp […]
  8. Time not visible shaktimaan Hi, I faced another weird bug today. The time was visible. Check ht […]
  9. "Examine" mode (would be nice to have -) mandeep Clarkey, I can move the pieces around freely, but I'm unsure how to an […]
  10. Make it easier to challenge pe […] LM AdmiralA KC means challenging the top players online on the Players page instea […]
  11. Make it easier to challenge pe […] haltrove I'm not getting the sense of your request. When someone wants a challe […]
  12. Excellent game ckatherine Is Nc6 even a move after 3. e5?
  13. Make it easier to challenge pe […] CM Kingscrusher-YouTube Hi all I find myself often logging in and checking players online a […]
  14. Board Size in Friends List thibault Good catch; I got it fixed. Try a hard refresh (ctrl+r) on the puzzle page.
  15. Following Bug Clarkey If I recall correctly, there's a minimum amount of games that must be […]
  16. Following Bug NoseKnowsAll So I'm trying to follow a friend (name is BronzeLeague). Under both of […]
  17. "Examine" mode (would be nice to have -) Clarkey #5 Go to the replay and analyse page. You can now freely move the p […]
  18. Excellent game PigsRule This is definitely one the best (and most fun) matches I've ever playe […]
  19. It would be a great motion yes It turns out that u can chat outside the tv.
  20. Board Size in Friends List PigsRule Same problem. Friends' game previews are massive when I'm on puzzle screens.
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